Handcrafted, Small Batch Teas. Created with Care, Sipped with Joy.

"Each Fallen Leaf Tea brew has been created with medicinal benefits in mind. It also tastes and smells great, and is visually appealing. Whether you're a foodie at heart, a cafe owner, or someone who likes to connect with people who are passionate about blending health and flavour, then we will have lots in common! 
Let's explore the world of tea together, one cup at a time." Ash x

Handcrafted Blends

Fallen Leaf Tea is a boutique brand that captures the flavour and experience of tranquility & wellness through its premium selection of Traditional and Herbalist teas.

Each organic blend is meticulously crafted by Ash Hill, a trained Herbalist whose passion for healing and nurturing is embodied in the exquisite tea creations you enjoy.

A profound understanding of herbal benefits & synergies ensures each blend is curated to combine the finest ingredients, offering a unique symphony of flavours that invigorate the senses & nurture the soul.

When you experience tea with Fallen Leaf, you're connecting to earths natural healing powers.

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DEEP SLEEP - Fallen Leaf Teas

Wholesale Enquiries

Fallen Leaf Tea products lend itself to businesses who are genuine about offering consumers only the highest quality products and experiences.

We aspire to create exclusive relationships with those who share a passion for intelligent product delivery and quality.

Aiming to build genuine partnerships that naturally lead to high quality results.

Fallen Leaf Tea provides on-going support and training to enable your barista or bar staff to create the perfect cup of tea, cold brew, mocktail or cocktail.

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